Terrastone Kosova as one of the most innovative and advanced factories, is the only factory which for the first time in Kosovo brings an automatic production line in compliance with the latest standards in the production of Marble, Granite and all natural stones.

Taking into account its geographical position, production capacities, linear automatic production system, the company focuses on promoting exports to Kosovo and providing high quality products for the domestic and international market, facilitating to fulfill the needs of the market in terms of logistics, quality and stock.

In addition to supplying with high quality and a variety of marble, granite and stone, designated for customers worldwide, with the current advanced organizational structure and high level of technology and stock, it provides a long-term solution for all customers. The scope of activity of Terrastone Kosova covers all aspects from stone quarry, cutting, processing and final stage to packaging and distribution of ready-made tiles. Terrastone Kosovo exports high quality products that are included in almost 20 different countries, such as America, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East.

For all groups dealing with this field, it is important to underline that Terrastone Kosova Company has the most contemporary production line installed by the world leading company BRETON and PROMETEC, it is of the latest technology, production of 2020.

The company has two stone quarries in Albania, enabling the extraction of raw material of marble and have an efficiency in volume capacity, guaranteed quality and competitive prices within the country and export.

According to the latest technology, production capacities are at a high level, enabling the fulfillment of requirements for all customers and urging the company to focus on exporting products to the entire global market.

The major powerful point of the company is that based on the stone quarries it owns, to bring to the market diverse types of marble, granite and natural stone, which will help meet customer requirements, combining quality with design. We are ready to bring to clients supply in marble, granite and natural stones in slabs, blocks and cut to size according to customer requirements. This strategy has helped the company to expand its capacities worldwide by providing a specialized organization of logistics and transportation according to the needs of customers.


The mission of Terrastone Kosova ltd, goes beyond the production and sale of Granite, Marble and Natural Stone. As a professional team, we aim to maximize and maintain the satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, we aim to make the best use of our country natural resources and make a contribution to ensure they withhold the position they deserve.


The vision of Terrastone Kosovo is to become a global reference key for the Marble, Granite and Natural stone sector. TI order to accomplish this vision, Terrastone Kosova aims to offer customers high quality products complying to the needs of customers using the latest production technologies.


Uncompromising commitment to quality and creating customer value with maximum integrity and sincerity towards all relationships.


The quarries, under the possession of the Terrastone Factory, enable the supply of raw marble materials, being considered as the main and key points that enable the Terrastone company to have a continuous supply of raw materials and to meet the supply needs for all customers.

Currently, Terrastone Kosova, taking advantage of automatic technology and its quarries, is able to meet the customer orders in compliance with standards and daily supply needs.


We established our Warehouse at the same time we established the company. Our warehouse contains stock volume fulfilling the needs of customers and offers a supply on a daily basis as needed.

This warehouse and stock are filled on a daily basis by the factory, thanks to the latest technology used by the company, which with its production capacity enables us to have a stable stock with a variety of products, ready for export.

The company has a Showroom area, displaying to its customers to see the quality and design of marble and granite in a closer perspective, and also feel the natural part that our products offer.

Related to the stock and showroom, we offer a serious approach to our associates, enabling to have a long-term clientele in the field of cooperation at home and abroad.